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Battling Rules

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Battling Rules

Post by Ripple on Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:00 am

1. Once your HP or SP stat is depleted, you can no longer fight. You must either run away or just fall unconscious on the spot. It defeats the purpose of the Battle System if you continue to fight.
2. Healers are the only way to heal wounded wolves. But only if the wolf has more than 1 HP. Also Healers cannot heal the same wolf twice in a row.
3. Wolves unfit for battle cannot fight. This includes Elders, Pups, Healers, and Healer Trainees. Yes, they can fight, but they generally don't because they're just endangering themselves. Mothers can fight, but should only do so to defend the Pup Den.
4. Auto-hitting is forbidden. This is when you don't give your opponent a chance to attack and hit them before they can get their turn in. Once you use up your turn, you cannot do anything else. You can't run over to help your friend or attack another opponent once you've already done something and your opponent hasn't responded. It might take them awhile to post, but you don't know what's going on with their lives. Just be patient.
5. Auto-killing is forbidden. This should be self-explanatory. It's when someone kills another person's character without that person's permission and without giving that person a chance to respond. It's unfair and annoying to the other person, and you may get yourself in a fair bit of trouble doing it.
6. You cannot use another Pack's exclusive move. If your character was once in one Pack but moved to another Pack, then they can only use the move for the Pack that they were in when they received battle training. So if your wolf was in one Pack, became a Fighter, and then was banished, they can still use their Pack move because they learned it as a Trainee. If they moved to another Pack, they cannot learn that Pack's move or forget the one from their Trainee-ship.
7. Keep your Pack rank in your signature or somewhere else where people can see it so they know your characters' stats. If your character is a Fighter, make sure to check to see how much time has passed for HP and SP changes.
8. You should only post ONCE every turn. Whether you're waiting for the one turn to be over or you're waiting for your opponent to post, you should only post once. It's obnoxious and confusing to everyone else if you post five times while waiting for your opponent to hit you back.
9. You cannot dodge attacks. Because if people could just dodge damage all they wanted, it'd be godmodding.
10. Don't make up moves. Use the ones that the battle system permits you to use, even if your made up attack is just a different version of a move that you're allowed to use. Always be clear on which move you're using.
11. If you have multiple wolves in multiple Packs that are able to fight, you must use all or none. If Shattered Pack is attacking Rushing Pack, and you have a wolf in both Packs, then you must use both. 12. You are not allowed to hide certain wolves away to try and swing the odds of the battle just because you're more loyal to one Pack or the other. You are also not allowed to all of a sudden declare a wolf too sick or hurt to fight if they showed no signs of sickness or injury before. This is all for the sake of fairness.
13. You cannot use two stun moves in a row. This would completely break the battle system, as you could easily kill every wolf in your path by stunning them every single turn. So, if you use one stunning move (e.g. Tail Yank), you must then use a normal attacking move, such as Jumping Strike.
14. You are not allowed to double-team opponents unless there are no other wolves left for you to fight. For example, if there are five Shattered Pack wolves and five Rushing Pack wolves, those five Shattered Pack wolves aren't allowed to all jump on the same single Rushing Pack wolf at once. All five must take their own opponent. However, if there are ten Shattered Pack wolves and five Rushing Pack wolves, then each Rushing Pack wolf can be double-teamed, because those extra five don't have anyone left to fight. In the event where one Pack is overwhelmingly bigger than another, please try to attack the wolf that only has one or two opponents, not the one with half the Pack attacking them already.

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